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Taco Tuesday in Tijuana

Last week my friend Hay was visiting me in San Diego, California. We decided to go south of the boarder into Mexico. I wasn’t sure how easy it would be, or what to expect. All I knew was that we needed to have Taco Tuesday in Tijuana. We both did a lot of research. It seemed simple to cross the border according to articles online. The best way to go to the border is to take the trolly from Downtown San Diego. I would have had to take an Uber there and then buy a ticket. You are also allowed to park at the border. It has security 24 hours a day but it cost $8.00 every 12 hours during the week and $15.00 every 12 hours on the weekend. Taking an Uber directly to the border seemed the most cost effective.

There were a ton of cabs at the border. Pro tip, ask how much the cab ride is before you get in. You can haggle, and everyone takes US currency. Hay and I got into a taxi and we made our way to Avenida Revolucion, which is the main street in Tijuana, and checked into our hotel. Hay wanted to go to Plaza Fiesta where a bunch a breweries are located. When we got there, we went into a bar called Random and quickly made friends with the owner, Jorge. We told him our Taco Tuesday mission and that we needed tacos. Jorge broke the news to us that Tijuana doesn’t do Taco Tuesday like we do in the US because everyday is Taco Tuesday!!! We asked him for recommendations so he took us to his favorite spot, Tacos Los Paisas. This taco spot is located on a street nicknamed taco ally. This street is loaded with taco spots. It is a taco lover’s dream. You can find it by typing in Taco Ally on Google maps.

When we walked up, the restaurant has an open window set up. There were no screens so it felt like you were eating on a porch. I ordered a Mexican coke in a glass bottle and looked at the menu. The server brought us these grilled green onions and radishes.

Those onions were amazing but a little hard to bite. I didn’t care. I kept eating them.

Jorge helped me order, since my Spanish is no bueno. My first taco that I ordered was lengua with onions and cilantro. For those of you that don’t know, lengua is the tongue of a cow. I love lengua. It is always so soft and tender. It’s packed with flavor and amazing. It is similar to barbacoa from Chipotle.

This lengua taco was no different. It is hands down to date, the best lengua taco that I have ever had.

Next I ordered a carne asada taco. I told Jorge that I love spicy so he told me to order the taco with habanero peppers. This taco was also served with onions and cilantro but it had guacamole too!

I bit into the taco and tasted so many flavors. The strongest flavor of course was the habanero pepper. Jorge was impressed that I didn’t cry and I ate almost all of the taco. The guacamole cooled my mouth down from the peppers. The carne asada in Tijuana was so much better than any carne asada in the US. I avoid ordering carne asada in the US because they never cook it right, but this taco was perfect.

I cannot believe that is has been a week already since my Taco Tuesday experience in Tijuana. I am so glad that I went and enjoyed myself. Tijuana was better than I ever expected (and way safer than I thought). If you are in the San Diego area, I 100% recommend crossing the border. The Mexican food in the US cannot compare to the Mexican food in Mexico. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have a Margarita… of four.

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  1. Nicely penned.. loved reading it!

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  2. benjaminjoshua23

    this is soooooo cool !!! People are gonna love this post!!

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