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The Grilled Cheeserie

This past weekend I got done work early and decided to drive to Nashville for dinner. I saw that Doug the Pug had checked out a restaurant called the Grilled Cheeserie and I knew that I needed to eat there. I checked out the menu before I went so I would be prepared.

I also stalked their Instagram so I could see any specials. During the month of May they are offering a milkshake called Bartido de Carjeta.

I love getting special menu items so of course I ordered it.

It was really good. I have never had carjeta before.

When it came to ordering my meal, I decided to go with the buffalo south. I am in love with buffalo chicken so trying this sandwich was a must. I also ordered it with a cup of tomato soup.

I bit into the grilled cheese and it was almost like I experienced a little bit of heaven.

Legit. This is hands down the best grilled cheese that I have ever had in my entire life. I dream of this sandwich.

Next I tried the tomato soup. I am super picky when it comes to tomato soup. I want it to be like a bisque, not marinara sauce.

Let me just say, this soup did not disappoint. It hit the spot and I was in love. I dipped my buffalo south in the soup and it was the perfect combo.

My coworker got the roast beef dip sandwich. She let me take a bite and she said I looked so sad after biting it. I was sad because it wasn’t mine. I wanted more but I had my own grilled cheese to focus on.

She also ordered a salad but I only tried the ranch. The ranch was homemade and oh so good. The salad looked super fresh too.

My experience at the Grilled Cheeserie was second to none. It was seriously amazing. The thing that I really love about this place is that the owners want to educate you about clean eating and where your food comes from. The founders, “Joseph and Crystal’s love for their planet motivates them to use eco-conscious business practices with their sights set on getting to a “zero waste” status. They also view their business as a platform to help educate people on the importance of knowing where your food comes from.” ( If you are ever in Nashville, you need to stop in. You will not be disappointed.

P.S. there’s free street parking.

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