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Primo Hoagies Ship a Hoagie

Today was an exceptionally exciting day. Want to know why? Because Primo Hoagies shipped me an Italian hoagie from New Jersey. You heard that right. I had a hoagie mailed to me. And not just any hoagie, it was the best hoagie ever! I am a born and raised Jersey Girl but I am almost never in my home state. Primo made an easy way for me to have a hoagie anywhere in the United States. You can check out their service at


I received an email from Primo Hoagies yesterday with my tracking number for my hoagie. There are no words to describe my excitement. I had so many questions. How do you mail a hoagie? Is it on dry ice? Does it have the sandwich already made or do I have to assemble it myself? I had no idea what to expect.

It arrived in an express USPS mail box.

I opened it with a pair of scissors and struggled a little. It was wrapped very well.

When I opened the box, it came with instructions and a Primo Hoagies card.

The package contained a Styrofoam box with 4 reusable ice packs, 3 extra virgin olive oil packs, a bag of banana peppers, and 1 fresh Italian hoagie.

I unwrapped my hoagie and followed the instructions on how to put it together. The bread already contained the meat and produce. To prevent the roll from getting soggy, the meat and produced were wrapped separately in wax paper then placed in the bread.

After assembling the hoagie, I examined it and determined that it looked just as good as when I buy it in the store. I took a bite and the roll was crisp and perfect like it normally is and the meat and produce tasted fresh.


To complete the hoagie, I needed to add the banana peppers and olive oil.


I love banana peppers!

The hoagie is a great size. Big enough to fit in your hands but not your mouth.


I enjoyed every last bite.

I took a photo shoot with my hoagie. It was treated very well before I ate it.


Unfortunately, I did not eat the entire hoagie. I have been raving to all of my coworkers about how amazing Primo Hoagies are so I decided to share. I split the hoagie in 6 so everyone could take a bite out of heaven.


I am thrilled to have been able to try the Primo Hoagies ship a hoagie. Everyone who tried the hoagie today loved it and now understands why I keep talking about it. I no longer have to wait to go to New Jersey to get a hoagie when I need a fix because they’ve made it so easy.


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