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SugarFish by Sushi Nozawa

This blog post is commemorating my 100th post on Instagram. I am new to food blogging so hitting the 100th Instagram post is a big mile stone for me. I wanted to make it special, so I decided to write a blog about the best sushi restaurant that I have ever eaten in my entire life. I found the restaurant by the recommendation of my roommate. He said that eating at SUGARFISH is a must. The sushi is amazing but it is all traditional rolls, nothing crazy. I said that it sounded great because I don’t like the crazy rolls, I want to taste the fish. I Googled the restaurant and of course it had amazing reviews and pictures. I looked at the menu and decided to take my dad there when he landed in LAX. (Attached is a photo of the lunch menu taken from the Sugarfish website.


When we arrived, it was a small place but was packed with people. We were seated right away. My dad and I decided to order a bottle of the Nigori, the unfiltered sake.

We each poured a shot and made a cheers to a great vacation.

This sake was fabulous. It was unlike any sake that I had ever tried. It was sweet and delicious. I could have drank the whole bottle myself.

They set up a little dish with ginger and wasabi in it on our table. They gave us soy sauce and chop sticks. I thought that the chop sticks were so cute because they said sugarfish on them.

The restaurant wants their menu and all of their items to be as simple as possible. They are striving to keep their menu as close as possible to the standards of Nozawa. “SUGARFISH embodies the philosophy of celebrated sushi chef Kazunori Nozawa, well-known for his Trust Me-style sushi at Sushi Nozawa, which operated in Studio City from 1987-2012. Nozawa shuns “American-style” extravagant rolls and fusion dishes. Instead, he concentrates on the purity of his basic ingredients— nurturing relationships with the finest fish purveyors across the globe, cutting his fish with an artisan’s painstaking care, and even making his own fresh soy sauce and ponzu.” ( Because I researched the menu beforehand, I knew that I wanted to try the Nozawa Trust Me menu. It started out with an edamame appetizer.

I am not sure if this was the best edamame that I have ever had or if I was just so hungry that it tasted like the best edamame that I have ever eaten.

Of course I had to play with my food.

Next up was the Tuna Sashimi.

OMG this was literally the best thing that I have ever put in my mouth. I didn’t even have to chew it, the tuna just melted. I almost cried because of all of the flavor in my mouth at once.

The tuna sashimi was my favorite dish that I ate from SugarFish.

After the sashimi, the albacore sushi and salmon sushi were brought to our table.

The albacore sushi was delicious. I was still crying that my tuna sashimi was over though…

I liked the salmon sushi better but salmon is my favorite fish. They were both mouth watering and perfect.

The final plate of the sushi had four different types, yellowtail, hirame, snapper, and the daily special, I was so mesmerized with they plate that I was not listening to which sushi was which or what the daily special was when the server was explaining the plate. All I know is that each piece was delicious in its own way.

The toro hand roll was brought out next. I really enjoyed this. I have never eaten sushi that was wrapped like that. I love the texture of raw fish and that really hit the spot. (I cut it in half to share with my dad)

The final item that was brought to us was the blue crab hand roll.

This was my dad’s favorite but I like raw fish. It was still very good, just not that raw texture that I like.

After our Nozawa Trust Me was completed, our yellowtail rolls that we ordered came out.

I do not usually order just yellowtail rolls, I like the spicy yellowtail rolls. These, like every other menu item, did not disappoint. It was a great way to end the meal. I cannot stop thinking about the food here. I have to go back. There is a location in NYC as well that I think that I will go to and bring my friends. The prices are also super reasonable considering the quality of the food that you are getting.

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