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Pacific Beach Fish Shop Crawfish Boil

Today was Taco Tuesday. I really wanted some tacos so I asked my hairdresser where to get some good tacos. She told me to check out the Pacific Beach fish shop. I looked at their website and I was like oh my gosh their tacos look so good. But then a picture pops up that tells me they’re having their crawfish boil. Photo from

I got very excited with this picture because it is very hard to find a good Crawfish Boil outside of Louisiana. I still wanted to get tacos but I also saw that this was a limited availability item. When I walked in most of the restaurant was outside. That was fine with me it was a beautiful day and I wanted to sit in the Sun. I ordered a pound of crawfish for $13.99. I also got a cup of Pinot Noir.

In the basket came a pound of crawfish, sausage andouille, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Because I ordered the Crawfish special, I received a free crawfish necklace. I wore it proudly as I bit into the corn.

Then I reached for the sausage. Boy did it have a really spicy flavor. I love spicy so I enjoyed every bite of this sausage.

Next I went for the potato. It was a really good texture, nice and soft but not squishy. The potato also had that Cajun flavoring but it wasn’t as spicy as the sausage.

I was saving the best for last. I finally reached for that crawfish. For those of you who don’t know how to eat crawfish, I attached a video.

What you do is you pick up the Crawfish, and you break off the tail from the body. Some people eat the body but I wouldn’t recommend it. What you really want is just the tail. That’s where all the meat is. Some people suck the meat out, I squeeze it in half and then break the shell until I can get the meat into my mouth. This is a very messy way to do it and I have a few cuts to prove it. Cuts and spicy food don’t really go too well together, but it was worth the pain.

My wine did not make it to the end of the meal. It was good wine but the food was really spicy so I wanted to order something cold. I tried the Golden Gate cider. It was light and refreshing.

Everything was so good. This was definitely the best crawfish I’ve had in a long time. The bartender was also telling me that they do a crawfish eating contest. The contest is who can eat two pounds of crawfish the fastest. It sounds like a lot of fun but I won’t be in town to see it unfortunately. This place a lot of other food to order, and reviews on Google say that it’s the freshest fish in Pacific Beach. I’m going to have to come back and try the tacos though because they just looked too good. My meal filled me up and I devoured the entire plate.

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