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March Madness Hot Sauce Competition Round 1 Game 1

This year for March Madness I decided to do my own playoff games with hot sauce. I love hot sauce. If you follow my social media, you can see that I carry my own hot sauces around. For round one, game one, my first two hot sauces to compete are The Beast and Captain Rodney’s Corazon del Fuego.

The first round of hot sauces are on chicken tenders.

Captain Rodney’s is in a unique hot sauce bottle. The label is not scary, but it is very inviting. It’s like yeah I am hot, but you’ll love me.

When I bit into the chicken, it had a good amount of spice and a lot of flavor.

The Beast is in a common hot sauce bottle with a scary label of the beast. It says that it is the hottest hot sauce this side of hell and is meant for the more than insane. I smelled it and it smelled spicy

My first reaction was WOW that is really spicy! I love hot sauce but that one was really high on the spice scale.

The hot sauces will be rated on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the least, and 5 being the most. The categories are:
1. Spiciness
2. Flavor
3. Taste on the food for the round

Captain Rodney’s Corazon del Fuego
Spiciness – 3
Flavor – 4
Taste – 5

The Beast
Spiciness – 5
Flavor – 2.5
Taste – 2.5

The winner was clear. Captain Rodney’s Corazon del Fuego for the win!

I really liked The Beast, but it was all spice and no flavor. When I put the hot sauce on the chicken and tried it, the only thing I could taste was the spice. The heat over powered any flavor that the chicken gave. If this was a competition based just on spice, The Beast would be the winner.

Captain Rodney’s Corazon del Fuego was exactly what I was looking for with a hot sauce on chicken. It was spicy, but not over powering. It has a good flavor and tasted perfect with chicken. This hot sauce could be used as a buffalo hot sauce on wings.

The winner was an easy pick this round, but the next ones won’t be.

Disclaimer. I drank soda in between heat tastings to clean my pallet.

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