Korean local eats

Dae Bak Chophouse

Our friend Megan keeps talking about this amazing Korean restaurant that we need to try. Today was the day that I decided we should all go try it.

When we came in we were greeted with hospitality immediately. It was a very small place but it had a homey feel. We all ordered our own meal. With the meals, we were brought out small sides to our table. The owner explained what each one of them were, but of course I don’t remember because I was too excited to eat.

My favorite app that was brought out was this white kind of gingery textured side. It was sweet and I really liked it.

My next favorite was the spicy noodle. I really like the texture and the taste of the spice.

The owner was so informative. She described the entire menu. Her mother is from Korea and she was the cook. The daughter is the host. Megan was telling us that the daughter used to do this out of her house but recently purchased the store to be able to sell more food. I thought it was very interesting story and they’re very active on their Facebook. They had the menu written in Korean and English. Pictures were on the menu which was very helpful because I haven’t heard of much of the food.

We ordered egg rolls for the table.

Their portion sizes were huge. One order has 10 egg rolls. We each got a dish for our soy sauce to dip.

They were so good. You could tell they were homemade and not store bought.

It tasted really good with the soy sauce, but honestly it didn’t need anything.

I ordered the season fried chicken, which are Korean barbecue chicken wings.

It was served with rice and OMG the sauce on the chicken was amazing.

I passed my plate around the table and offered everybody a wing, even though I was secretly hoping nobody would take them.

Lydia and Angie both ordered the chicken fried rice.

This dish was unique because the egg was not scrambled up with the rice, it was neatly placed on top of the rice. I’ve never seen this done before and I really enjoyed the way it looked and tasted.

Jamiah got the beef bulgogi ( this was a small portion that I took from Jamiah’s plate).

and Megan order the spicy beef bulgogi.

I liked the spicy beef bulgogi better, but that’s because I like spicy. The beef was good for both dishes.

My favorite dish was Duan’s. He ordered the Japchae. The owner described it as a dish similar to stir fry with veggies and the same beef from the bulgogi.

I was in love. I honestly didn’t think I was going to like this dish as much as I did. The next time I go back, this is what I will be what I’m ordering.

We finished up our meals and the mother of the owner gave us each a melon flavored Korean popsicle. She said she didn’t have any fresh fruit to give us. I thought it was adorable. I’m not a fan of sweets but I had to try this Popsicle.

It was interesting, I have never tried a popsicle that tasted like I was eating a melon.

We were all talking amongst ourselves and we realized that this was the most fun we’ve had at a lunch ever during our time in Clarksville. The food was amazing, the hospitality was one of a kind, and we were with really great people. There was even a room that they called the selfie room. We obviously had to take a picture in there. Can’t wait to come back.

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  1. Thank you so much for writing about us!


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