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Pi Day 2018 Featuring Domino’s Pizza (Pie)

So today was Pi Day. In honor of Pi Day, we ordered Domino’s Pizza. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a delivery expert for Domino’s Pizza. When I’m home in New Jersey, I would not order Domino’s pizza before 2 a.m. but when I’m not in New Jersey / New York / Philadelphia, I will order Domino’s pizza because it tastes like home.

Look at all the pies!

Because I used to work at Domino’s, I knew all of the specialty pizzas to-order. My favorite specialty pizza is a Philly cheese steak.

You can never go wrong with the chicken bacon ranch pizza either.

Some of the boys wanted the Extravaganza Pizza.

We also ordered a thin crust sausage pizza.

A Brooklyn style crust sausage pepperoni and cheddar pizza.

And my personal favorite non – specialty pizza… ham, pineapple, and jalapeno peppers pizza. Oh yeah, and I added extra cheese.

Somehow we mysteriously wound up with an extra Pizza, you can never be unhappy with an extra Pizza.

I love hot sauce. I just got a new hot sauce from Memphis flavor, and it’s called the ghost pepper sauce. It’s so good.

I added hot sauce to my pizza with jalapenos because why not.

This was my first time trying their ghost pepper sauce. I was impressed. So much flavor and a good amount of spice.

Did you know Soda is pizza’s best friend?

I also may or may not be obsessed with Domino’s Pizza blue cheese.

It is the best blue cheese in the world.

My plate has three slices of delicious.

I took a big bite of the Extravaganza Pizza.

And finally I had to pose with my ultimate favorite specialty pizza.

Pi Day 2018 was a success. I cannot wait to eat more pizza and more pie. That goes for any day of the year though…


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