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Eating Healthy at Popeye’s

Did you know that you can order blackened chicken at Popeye’s? It is an option on their live well menu ( They have a lot of healthy ways to create your own meal. I love their blackened chicken. They have so much flavor and when you put hot sauce on them… they are absolutely perfect. Oh yeah, and most hot sauces have little to no calories in them. It’s hard to resist that delicious barbecue sauce, but you’ll be saving on the caloric side.

If you order the corn on the cob, it is only 190 calories. The small green beans are an unbelievable 40 calories. I know this is a crazy statement but if you can part with the biscuit at 260 calories of deliciousness, you can sub it for a baguette at 90 calories. The 3 blackened tenders themselves are only 170 calories.

I decided to be good with the chicken and bad with the side. I ordered fries… they are only 260 calories for the small though, which isn’t horrible.

I needed the buscuit today so I made a compromise and only ate half. I gave the other half to a friend but I ate every last french fry.

It is very hard to eat healthy when you are always eating out. This is one of my many tricks to be good every while traveling. Tell me about your healthy eating tips when you can’t cook.


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