McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

McDonald’s Re-Releases Szechuan Sauce

Last October McDonald’s said that they were going to re-release the Szechuan Sauce at select locations throughout the US with a limited supply. After doing some research I found out the reason for the re-release was because of the Rick and Morty fans. I never heard of the show but I was intrigued by the fact that a show can convince McDonald’s to re-release a sauce from 20 years ago. I asked a friend who lived near one of the select locations to stop in and get me a sauce. He got to the McDonalds half an hour before lunch started and there was a line. When lunch started the McDonald’s admitted to only being provided with less than 10 sauces. In many stores this caused riots. How could McDonald’s release so few packets with such hype about this sauce?

I decided to watch the Rick and Morty episode to see what the everyone was talking about. I was told to watch season 3 episode one. It is a very interesting show. It is not your typical cartoon. I felt like it was really thinking outside of the box. In the episode, Rick revisits a memory of being at McDonald’s in 1998 and asks for all the Szechuan Sauce that he can get. Rick fantasizes about this sauce. I am not a die hard Rick and Morty fan but this episode was enough to make me curios to try the sauce. I saw McDonald’s tweet last week that they were shipping out 20 million sauces across all of the stores nationwide. They promised no shortages this time. I have been excited all week to try this sauce since finding out about the tweet.

When I got to the counter, I ordered a 20 piece nugget with large fries and a large drink. I asked for 4 Szechuan Sauces. I had to pay extra for one because the 20 count only comes with 3 sauces. It was worth every penny. To taste this sauce was crazy for me. I can’t believe that Rick and Morty fans were able to make a huge impact on a giant company to the point were they did this promotion with the sauce.

I dipped the chicken in the sauce.

I put it to my mouth and tasted the flavor. It tasted like McDonald’s version of teriyaki sauce. It made me think of Mulan and Rick and Morty while I ate my chicken.

I also got fries.

Who can eat at McDonald’s without trying their famous golden fries?

And every fry needs to be dipped in ketchup.

I am so glad that I was able to be a part of trying this sauce. I am interested to see if McDonald’s will permanently bring this sauce back after the promotion is over… Only time will tell. Comment on my blog to let me know if you were able to try the Szechuan Sauce today and how crazy your McDonald’s visit was.

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