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Nuttin But Wings

Today my co-workers wanted to go to Nuttin But Wings for lunch. I love wings so I said count me in! The parking lot was packed! I could tell that this was a very popular lunch destination. I was so excited when we walked in and we saw their sauce selection. They had sauces for everyone but I knew that I was going to try the NBW hot sauce. It was the hottest one.

When my plate was ready, I brought it to the table. Our table was only one of three in the restaurant. It was nicely set up and seemed like a mostly to-go order place. I ordered the 6-count jumbo wings in NBW hot sauce and made it a combo. The combo comes with a drink and fries.

The fries were crinkle cut, crispy, and amazing. No ketchup needed. But the wings… omg. What really stood out to me about the wings were the fact that they had sliced jalapenos on them.

I was impressed. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce was just the right amount of hot mixed with flavor.

My one co-worker got the garlic parm wings.

They were really good but I definitely preferred mine to hers. Hers were more of a dry rub than a sauce and lets be real… are you really eating wings if you don’t get sauce all over your face?

My other co-worker ordered the hot and honey. Unfortunately she ate all of her wings and I didn’t get a taste but they sure looked and smelled good.

I really liked the atmosphere and the staff was great. They also use Ken’s blue cheese dressing. Ken’s has my favorite blue cheese ever. I can’t wait to come back and eat more wings!

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