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Firehouse Subs: My First Time

I love hoagies! They are so good. Oh yeah and they are 100% called hoagies, not subs. Being from NJ I am extra particular about the quality of my hoagie bread. I keep hearing these adds on the radio for Firehouse Subs and their $5.55 hoagie (sub) of the day. They keep talking about their meatball hoagies (subs). I imagine in my head these beautiful, tender meatballs, covered in luscious red marinara sauce, and I just cant stand the thought of not trying it. I Itold my friend Lydia about this and she said, “Well lets go!”.

I walk in and inspect their special hoagie (sub) of the day menu. The meatball hoagie (sub) special is only on Monday. It didn’t matter to me. I was a woman on a mission to try this meatball hoagie (sub).

When I put the hoagie (sub) in my mouth, I was presently surprised with an intense and delicious mix of flavors. The meatballs were cooked perfectly and the sauce was on point. The cheese was so stretchy and magnificent looking. Cheese is everything!

My favorite thing in my basket was the pickle. I destroyed that pickle.

Lydia also gave me her pickle to destroy. For some crazy reason, she hates pickles. Don’t worry pickle lovers, I took care of Lydia’s pickle for her. And boy was it good.


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