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Valentine’s Dinner @ Liberty Park Grill

I know that I said that I would write about where I got that margarita from tonight, but I totes forgot that today is Valentine’s Day. I was calling around to a few restaurants to see what their specials were and my co-worker suggested the Libety Park Grill. When I called, they told me that on Wednesdays they do Wine Down Wine Wednesday.

Wine Down Wine Wednesday is half off all bottles and glasses of wine. I knew that I wanted to eat a steak so we ordered red wine.

The server brought the wine and placed it on the table along with a nice basket of bread.

The bread was fresh out of the oven warm and the butter melted right on it.

My co-worker ordered the fried asparagus parm for the table.

It was so good. I love asparagus but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this app as much as I did. The breading had a kick of spice to it but nothing crazy. The sauce served with it was wasabi ranch and I loved it. I would def recommend getting this app.

Now it was time to order our mains. My one co-worker ordered the ribeye steak with asparagus and mashed potatoes.

My other co-worker ordered the meatloaf plate. I have never been a huge fan of meatloaf but this dish was delicious. It was so tender that you could cut it with your fork.

Finally, my dish came out. I ordered the Valentine’s Day special, which was a ribeye in the shape of a heart with a shrimp skewer. The shrimp was covered in a red sauce made to look like an arrow went through the heart. Very creative.

I ordered my dish with a loaded baked potato, which was dressed perfectly.

And mac and cheese, which was nice and cheesy.

I took a bite of the steak and it was packed with flavor. I didn’t need A1 or anything because of all of the juices that the steak was cooked in.

Then I went for the shrimp. I thought that these shrimp were interesting because I wasn’t sure what the red sauce on top of them was. I tasted one and the sauce was marinara. I have never had marinara sauce with shrimp before. I still prefer cocktail sauce over marinara sauce on shrimp but I am glad that I tried it.

I really want to come back to this place. They have so much good food. I was google stalking their photos and I am very pleased with what I see.


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