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El Bracero: RiAniazed

On Saturday night, my co-worker and I were feeling like we needed some margaritas. I told her that El Bracero had really good reviews and that we should check it out. When we walked in, we decided to sit at the bar. I immediately asked the bar tender what the drinks specials were. He said $1.25 off jumbo margaritas of lime, mango, and strawberry from 15:00 to 21:00. We of course both got the jumbo margaritas. I started out with a strawberry margarita.

It was very sweet and tasty.

As we were looking over the menu, the bar tender brought chips and salsa. We added a side of queso.

I decided to be different and dip my chip in salsa and queso.

I love queso. These chips were so good that my co-worker and I decided to share an entree so we could fill up on chips.

Looking over the menu made me want a few things. I wanted tacos, but I also wanted pork. I thought that their pork tacos were too boring and I thought that their pork nachos would be too many chips. I discovered the fish tacos in the back of the menu. The baja seafood tacos came with a soft flour tortilla,your choice of fish or shrimp, red cabbage, mango salsa, and creamy chipotle ranch. It was then served with white rice and black beans.

The only issue was that I wanted pork, not seafood. So I decided to RiAnize my meal and I asked the bartender to sub pork. He went in the kitchen and got it okayed by the cooks. When it came out it looked scrumptios.

I then asked if they had a house hot sauce. The bartender said yes and came back with a small bowl of green salsa.

Don’t let the green fool you, it was actually really spicy.

I decided to pour the salsa on top of my taco along with rice and beans.

It was so big it was hard to pick up.

Then I bit it. OMG it was so good. It had all the flavors that I wanted and imagined in it with the tender texture of pork.

After we were all finished, we each got one more margarita. This time I switched to the lime flavor.

I love margaritas and I love tacos. I cannot wait to come back for both.


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