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Pancho Villa Grill and Cantina

Today my co-workers and I went to Pancho Villa. We were all craving Mexican food. This was not the first time that we have visited this establishment. When we sat down, we were greeted with chips and salsa.

We love chips and salsa, but ya know what’s better than chips and salsa? Chips and queso!!!!!!

Be careful though… if you’re not looking, you might just spill some on yourself.

OMG this queso is amazing. It is so good that it inspired me to order the vegetarian meal number 2. I was thinking about adding meat to my order but then I remembered my friend Holly asking me to post more vegetarian items. So I said didn’t add meat just for her. After I ordered, my co-worker asked for some grilled jalapenos on the side. I knew that I needed some of them in my mouth.

When my food came out, it was served with one bean burrito,one bean chalupa, and one cheese enchilada. And everything was smothered in QUESOOOOOO. Ugh it was so good.

When I bit into the bean burrito, it tasted what I imagine heaven to taste like. I was seriously on cloud nine. On a side note, I thought that the tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and quac were all on the side. I was confused where the chalupa was. Then I realized when I was finished my meal that a chalupa is nothing like the one that I get from taco bell and the sides that I ate were actually for the chalupa. lol. Sometimes I amaze myself.

To RiAnize my meal I added the jalapenos to E-V-E-R-Y THING! They were spicy and perfect.

The cheese enchilada was hands down the best enchilada that I’ve ever had in my life. Watch me eat it with my jalapenos.

My co-workers all got the pollo bandito, which is chicken and cheese with rice and beans. Then you get shells on the side.

On person ordered the beef bandito.

Pancho Villa is known for their margaritas. They are huge and inexpensive. The last time that we went, we all got margaritas. And trust me, you only need to drink one to feel good.

This time I ordered a Pepsi since we had to go back to work. The Pepsi was a fountain soda and it had a ton of syrup in it just how I like it.

Last time that we went to Panchos, I ordered the chicken fajitas.

The chicken came out on a hot skillet with veggies.

I also got a side plate with all of the fixin’s, rice, and beans.

I made them into little tacos and they really hit the spot.

Does this make you want to try some?

Oh yeah, and I always bring my own hot sauce.

I know we’ll be back. Maybe on the weekend so we can have another margarita!


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