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Waterbar San Diego: RiAnized

On Sunday, before the Superbowl game, my friends and I decided to go to brunch. The restaurant we went to is brand new. It just opened at the beginning of the year. It is right on the beach in Pacific Beach, San Diego. There is no outdoor seating, but the windows are open so you can feel the breeze and see the water. When we sat down, we were seated near the windows but not directly next to them. I picked up the drink menu and saw that they offered boozy brunch for $14.00. However, this boozy brunch wasn’t your typical mimosa offer. This brunch was endless rose (for 2 hours). I was intrigued and ordered it.

It was very good wine. The server would bring refills in a carafe of wine when she saw our drinks were low.

I already had breakfast that morning so I wasn’t hungry but I wanted to order something anyway. All of the portions of food seemed too big. I decided to RiAnize my own meal. I ordered the corn fritters and three bacon strips.

The corn fritters seemed interesting to me so I needed to try them. They were like a cross between a hush puppy and corn bread served with old bay butter and pepper jelly.

The bacon strips were smoked in cherry and apple-wood.

When they were brought out to me, I decided to cut the ball in half.

Then I added the old bay butter.

Followed by the pepper jelly.

To top it all off… the bacon.

It was sweet, spicy, and delicious. Exactly what I wanted.

Then I realized that my friend had jalapenos on her plate and I asked if I could have one. I made another RiAnized corn fritter with bacon but this time I put the jalapeno on top. This made my creation even better. YUM!

Fries were also ordered for the table. They were salt and vinegar fries.

They were so good that they didn’t last three minutes between us girls.

My friend ordered the avocado toast with crab on it. It looked delicious but I didn’t try it.

And my other friend ordered the Waterbar breakfast Sammy. They were both happy with their meals. I had only been there drinking before but I was very impressed with their brunch and service.


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