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For the past few days I have really been craving Italian food. My grandmother is Italian and I have been to Italy so I am very picky about my quality of Italian food. I told my roommate this and he suggested Enoteca. He also told me that I needed to try the Enoteca Adriano. I didn’t even look at the menu, I just took my roommate’s word and went and I am sure glad that I did.

When my friend and I walked up, there was a curtain on the door to prevent the cold air from entering the restaurant. They had covered patio seating and inside seating. We chose to sit down inside because I like the warmth. We were greeted and told that Enoteca means wine bar in Italian. My friend got a red wine. I did not because I was feeling a little dehydrated. I wanted to stick to water. The server brought our drinks and gave us some bread to nibble on. It was ciabatta bread with this delicious balsamic sauce. The bread also seemed like it had a very light coating of mozzarella cheese on the inside.

I took a bite and died. If you are from the New Jersey area, you know that most places in the US have terrible bread. I am finding out that California is not one of these places. Dipping bread to me is everything.

After we got our drinks, I told the server right away that I wanted the Enotaca Adriano. This appetizer is made with burrata cheese and is wrapped in parma prosciutto. It sits on top of a grilled tomato with fig jam on a crostini. The plate is decorated with arugula and cherry tomatoes drizzled with house dressing. I love ricotta cheese and I felt like the burrata cheese was a very similar texture and consistency. This was my favorite plate of the night. So much flavor and the crostini gave the app a much needed crunch.

For my main, I ordered the lobster ravioli. This is my go to dish. I am obsessed with vodka sauce.

The name of the dish is Ravioli Rossi. What was different about this entree from other restaurants this that they server the raviolis with tiger shrimp on top.

This dish did not disappoint. It really hit the spot and was exactly what I was craving. I was surprised how juicy and perfectly cooked the shrimp was. It’s not easy cooking shrimp the right way.

My friend got the Cavatelli Bolognese. This is not one of my favorite pastas but I tried a bite and it was really good.

I wanted to try the beef carpaccio but I had already ordered too much food. Next time that I am in San Diego I will have to stop in and try it. I love raw beef.


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