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The Orient Thai Cafe

This week I have been home in San Diego. My friend flew out from New Jersey to spend time with me. Last night she was really craving Pad Thai so we decided to get Thai food. When we looked up reviews, The Oriental Thai Cafe came up with a 4.4 star rating. We decided to check it out. When we pulled up in the parking lot, it looked so cute from the outside. I had to take a picture in front of it.

My roommate came home early end decided to join us. The three of us all picked one item and shared it. We saw that the table across from us ordered this giant soup bowl and it looked amazing. We knew that we had to have it.

My roommate ordered the fire pot of Tom Kha with chicken. The soup had mushrooms, tomato, lemon grass, galanga, and kaffir lime leaves in a coconut milk broth. It was so good. I was in love with the borth.

When the pot came out, it had a fire in the bottom of it and you could hear the soup crackeling from the heat.

We were given individual soup bowls and a ladle to serve ourselves.

I love spicy so the server put a plate of spicy extras to add to the food.

I liked the spicy chili powder and added it to everything.

Then the Pad Thai came out. It was glorious.

The color was beautiful and the dish was packed with flavor. My friend ordered that with chicken.

The new noodles were so good that I had to slurp them… just because.

Next up was the drunken noodles. This was my choice. I added pork to it because we already had chicken twice.

The veggies were so good. I was eating a veggie, a noodle, and a piece of pork in each bite. Everything was proportioned perfectly.

We were so full. We had to take the two main entrees home. The soup was devoured, so there were no left overs of that to take home. We were all pleasently satisfied by the choice of food.


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