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New Item Alert: Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed today when I noticed that Taco Bell finally released their new nacho fries. I heard about them a couple months ago but today was day that I could finally try them. When I walked in to my local Taco Bell, I was greeted with a warm hello and a huge smile. I asked about the nacho fries. You can either order the Bell Grande and supreme fries. The difference between them is the size. The Bell Grande is bigger and has more fries. I got the Bell Grande. Both types of nacho fries are served with melted cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and beef.

They also sell just plain nacho fries with a side of nacho cheese. These are only $1!

While Taco Bell is having the nacho fries, they are also promoting the nacho fry $5 box. It comes with the nacho fries, nacho cheese dipping sauce, a beef Doritos locos, and a cheesy gordita crunch. This is all served with a fountain soda. (Yes, I carry my own hot sauce around.)

The cheese is very good. It has a hint of spice and the cheese reminds me of the cheese that you get at the movie theater with the pretzel bites.

The fries themselves are crispy and delicious. I love that they are tossed in taco seasoning. They are thicker fries, but not as thick as steak fries.

When the steak fries are combined for the Bell Grande… OMG it is so good. I love sour cream and french fries. It was so filling, it can be eaten as a meal.

I didn’t have enough room to eat the Doritos locos taco but I did save room for the cheesy gordita crunch. I love those things!

It’s soft and crunchy. It comes with spicy ranch, which I actually thought was sour cream and chipotle sauce.

I have a confession to make… I have a love affair with Franks Red Hot Sauce. Taco Bell has wonderful hot sauce choices, however, no hot sauce can compare to my beloved Frank. I carry a small bottle in my purse so I can use it anywhere!

My co-worker got the classic nachos Bell Grande. They looked just as delicious as ever.

If you haven’t tried the nacho fries yet, it is definitely worth stopping by. The new $5 box is a steal and gives you a little bit of everything. I love Taco Bell, especially for my fourth meal. You can never go wrong with Taco Bell!


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