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Yesterday I drove by a place called Bibimbop. I had no idea what it was besides that it was some sort of Asian restaurant. I looked at pictures on Google and the reviews were outstanding. I decided that I wanted to eat here for lunch today. I convinced three of my coworkers to come with me. When we walked in, we had no idea what most of the menu was. I knew what I wanted but there were two versions of it: the Bibim Bop and the Bibim Bop (pan). They both came with veggies over rices with spicy Korean sauce and your choice of chicken, beef, or pork. The cashier recomennded the pan but never really explained what it was (she may have and I just wasn’t paying attention), however, this was good enough for me. I am picky about my beef so I ordered the pork. After you order, you grab a side from the counter or you could get a miso soup.

The counter also had community sauces and silverware.

Everyone else got the cucumber salad.

When the food came out we quickly realized that pan meant it was served on a hot skillet. The other Bibimbop just came in a salad bowl. You can hear the sizzle of the pan.

Mine came out first.

My co-worker got the beef pan.

My other co-worker got the fried Bop. When she was ordering she asked the cashier if the fried Bop had fried rice in it. The cashier replied “Bop means rice”. We all started cracking up because we had no idea what we were ordering.

Finally, my last co-worker got the curry Bop.

All of us were very happy with our meals. I really liked mine. I played with the egg first.

Then I broke the yolk.

When I was ready to eat, I stirred all of the ingredients together and put a big bite in my mouth. There were so many flavors and I absolutely love egg yolks.

I had no idea that Fort Campbell had so much Korean influence. I want to go back and try their Kochi Tacos. Yummmmmmmmmmm.


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