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Elaine’s Cafe: Home Away from Home

Today I was researching on Yelp where to eat for lunch. I came across a small restaurant called Elaine’s Cafe. They are only opened Monday to Friday 7:00-16:00 and Saturday 7:00-14:00. The reviews for this restaurant were amazing. Everyone said the food was great and the hospitality given by the owner is second to none. I love places like this so I had to stop by.

I got two of my co-workers to come with me. I looked up the directions and we almost passed it. You honestly will pass the cafe unless your intentionally looking for it. When we walked in, there was no one else in the restaurant. It was small but had a good amount of tables for the space. It had more of a homey feel than a restaurant. It was cute. We were greeted immediately by the owner. The restaurant is ran by this older Asian woman and she does everything by herself. She was the hostess, server, cook, busser, and dish washer. She was super friendly and sweet. We started with drinks and I ordered a coke. It came with a glass and an unopened can.

The owner is from South Korea and the menu is a mix of Korean and Southern food. Quite interesting. I was in between the spicy pork and the bulgogi.

The owner insisted for our first time that we order the bulgogi. So all three of us got it. I wanted to RiAnize my meal by making it a little spicy and she made it like that just for me!

The rice was super sticky and thick but delicious. The beef was tender and flavorful. It had onions and carrots, which I love, and I dipped it in Sriracha sauce. YUM! Spicy is my favorite.

The dish also came with an egg roll. It was cooked perfectly. I love egg rolls and I’m pretty sure that it was homemade.

I am interested in returning here to get breakfast. The pancakes looked like perfection. If you’re ever in the area and want a really good meal, be sure to stop here. It’s across from Fort Campbell’s military base.


So I did it… I went back and I was not disappointed. I ordered the pancakes! They were humongous. I couldn’t even eat half of one. In the togo box, it felt like my leftovers, almost 2 whole pancakes, weighed at least five pounds. It was insane.

They were fluffly and delicious. The pancakes cured my craving.

I used maple syrup but it didn’t need any. They were perfect the way that they were.

I also go the home fries and eggs over easy.

Eggs over easy are my favorite.

To RiAnize my meal, I put the eggs on top of the home fries and mixed them together. Have you tried it? You should, it’s wonderful!

My co-worker ordered the BLT. It looked super delicious and she ate the whole thing!


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