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Chipotle: My Obsession

I love Chipotle! The only thing that I love more than Chipotle is pizza. Pizza is my main squeeze but Chipotle is my side piece and I am obsessed. I travel for work so I determine how close to civilization I am based on where the closest Chipotle is. One time they put me 3 hours away from the closest Chipotle. I was not happy.

One thing that I truly love about Chipotle is that they serve margaritas. This is only in select locations but two spots that I know of are Las Vegas and NYC. Both places are known for expensive drinks but Chipotle’s prices stay the same. You can get a Suaza margarita for less than $5.00 and a Patron margarita for less than $8.00. Unfortunately Tennesee locations only serve beer but here is a photo of my friend and I having margaritas in a NYC location last summer.

Today I had a really bad day. I won’t get into it but it made me crave Chipotle. It’s always fresh and delicious. I get the same thing every time I order Chipotle. I get a bowl with white rice, black beans, barbacoa, extra fajita veggies, extra mild, corn, cheese, and two sides of sour cream with a bag of chips.

Today I decided to throw in a curve ball and add the side of queso. Everyone says that their queso is gross but I like it.

The first thing I do before I order is check to make sure that they have the Chipotle Tabasco sauce. I WILL NOT eat my Chipotle without the Chipotle Tabasco. I have returned my food for the store not having this sauce. It is a must for me to eat.

Sometimes I add a taco shell to my order to make my own taco. Chipotle has great flour tortillas.

The RiAnized version of my meal is to make my own nachos. It’s an art really. It takes most people 15 minutes to eat their Chipotle. Not me. I take a minimum of 30-45 minutes. I make each chip individually. Today I started the chip by dipping it in queso.

Then I added a little bit of rice and a few beans. Each nacho must have at least one veggie on it. Most of the time I only want one veggie on each chip. Then I add a proportioned size of barabacoa and I gather the mild, corn, and cheese together and put it on top of the nacho.

Finally the toppings go on. A fork full of sour cream and many drops of the Chipotle Tabasco.

I do this every single time for ever single nacho. More times than not I have just the right amount of chips and sour cream. I do not share chips. I will yell at you if you try to take one. Sometimes people think when I get two sour creams that one is for them. Do not be that person. Both sour creams are for ME AND ONLY ME. I have an obsession.


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