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Harbor Cafe

Last night was my first Friday night in Clarksville, TN. I was looking all day for a restaurant to try near my hotel but almost all of my options were chains. As I was driving back to my hotel I saw that all of the restaurants that I passed were packed. Then I passed Harbor Cafe. I didn’t want to wait for a table so I called first. I decided that if they had a wait, I would just go to Chipotle. When they answered they said that they were not currently on a wait and encouraged me to come in. When I drove up, they were located right next to Chili’s. You couldn’t even get into the Chili’s side of the parking lot it was so packed, but Harbor Cafe’s parking lot was pretty empty. I got a spot right up front. When I walked in I was greeted with a warm welcome, almost like the hostess knew that I was the one who called about the wait. I noticed on the way to being seated the specials sign for the night. They had fish and chips and alligator bites.

When I sat down I picked up the extensive menu placed in front of me. Right on the cover… HAPPY HOUR… it’s from 14:00-20:00 daily. I had 13 minutes to order. I frantically looked for the server. The clock was ticking. After my server, Michaela introduced herself, she explained that happy hour was BOGO. I told her that I am one person and asked if I can order one drink now and one drink after happy hour was over. Michaela replied “of course!” with a huge smile. I told her that I wanted a pretty drink and she suggested the Sangria. The drink arrived extra pretty and decorated with its cherry and pineapple garnish. I got exactly what I asked for… a pretty drink. It was tasty too!

I wanted to start with an appetizer so I began asking Michaela about the alligator bites. I enjoy alligator but I was nervous that it wouldn’t be good since I have only eaten it in Florida. She assured me that not only was it good but it was the most popular appetizer ordered by customers. They had it for a short time previously and discontinued it. People loved the alligator so much that they brought it back. That sealed the deal for me. Alligator it was!

When the alligator arrived, it came with this sauce called yum yum. Now, this sauce is not the same as the yummy yummy sauce from hibachi restaurants, but it does have similar qualities. It has the same color and texture but a different taste. The yum yum sauce tasted like it was made with sriracha.

When I bit into it, it made a loud crunchy, delicious sound. LISTEN TO THE CRUNCH!

I was very happy with my alligator bites. For my entree, I obviously stalked google maps and looked at photos. I decided that I wanted to try the Hawaiian chicken. It came with a side of white rice but I wanted to RiAnize my order. I asked to sub the rice for a loaded baked potato and I asked for my chicken to be extra spicy. When my food came out, the chicken was placed in the shell of a pineapple. It also had pieces of pineapple and carrots mixed in with the chicken.

The sauce was very thick like sweet and sour Chinese chicken and It had a sweet and spicy taste, which I loved.

The quality of the chicken was on point. The meat was pure white and no fat. It is so hard to find good chicken these days. Look at that color!

Then I moved on to my baked potato. This potato was so good, I didn’t even need sour cream! I love sour cream.

I always play with my food. I needed to see the cheese move. Makes you want one right?

After my meal, I was ready to order my second drink. I asked for another pretty drink that didn’t look like the first drink. I sipped on the drink when it arrived and couldn’t tell what it was. I asked Michaela what drink it was and she said that it was the strawberry margarita. The drink was mixed so well that I didn’t even taste the tequila… and this drink was by no means weak. I really enjoyed my experience here. I will be forever baffled by the fact that people would rather wait for a table at a chain than go to a local restaurant with quality ingredients and comparable prices. The staff is so friendly and fun. I have told my co-workers about this place and plan to go back. I already know what I want… hehe.


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