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Giumarello’s G Bar

When I go home to South Jersey, I love to go out and eat. It’s where I grew up so I know a lot of great spots and most places have happy hour specials. Giumarello’s happy hour has always been on my radar but I could never make it by the happy hour time. Luckily, over the holidays, I was able to grab a late lunch with my grandmother to catch up. I told her that I always wanted to try eating at Giumaerllo’s. Once she heard that, she was all in.

Giumaerllo’s is closed on Monday but Tuesday through Friday they have happy hour specials from 11:30-18:30. That’s a pretty long happy hour! They serve reduced appetizers and $1 off drinks. Giumarello’s is known for being an upscale restaurant. Because of this, that means that their happy hour prices are like other restaurants’ normal prices. The happy hour is only available in the bar area, which they call the G Bar. When we walked in, we were seated at a high top and given a bread basket immediately. OMG this may have been the best dinner bread that I have ever eaten from a restaurant. I asked what kind of bread it was. They just said it was lightly coated with tomato sauce, like it was NBD.

My grandmother loves to get fancy drinks and Giumaerllo’s has a large list of specialty cocktails. I ordered myself a mixed berry martini.

The drink was sweet and strong! Just how I like it.

As my grandmother and I sipped on our cocktails, we looked at the menu to see what to order. There were a lot of options to choose from. It was mostly seafood but we both love seafood so it was perfect. We decided on three options. We didn’t want to go crazy and order too much food.

First we started out with the steamed clams in a garlic and white wine sauce. They were so good. They were cooked just right so they were not chewy at all. They had a little kick of spice in them, which I loved, but my grandmother doesn’t like spicy…. more for me lol. I ate all of the clams!

Next we ordered the mini crab cake sliders. Who doesn’t love crab cakes? They were the perfect texture and fell apart as I was eating them. They came with this delicious chipotle dressing sauce that we got on the side. I am a condiment connoisseur. I get so excited trying restaurants homemade dressings, and this one did not disappoint.

Finally we ended with the lobster raviolis. For years I have been listening to people rave about how amazing these raviolis are. I had to try them. When they came out I was eyeing them up because there are only three in an order. My grandmother and I each had one whole piece and split the third one. I.WANTED.MORE! They were spectacular. The wait was worth it for these lobster raviolis. They are a must order if you ever visit.

Giumaerllo’s is a little out of my price range for dinner, but I was checking out their lunch specials and I want to go back next time I am in town. They have plenty of items for $15 or less on the lunch menu that cost significantly more at dinner. I really enjoy fine dinning, you just have to find ways to make it work for you!


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