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Iron Pig Alehouse: BBQ and Beer

I recently moved to San Diego but I have yet to explore any of the city. Luckily I have two great roommates who are ready to take me out on the town. My one roommate is a foodie, like me, and said that we were going to try this place called Iron Pig Alehouse. It’s BBQ and has a ton of drinks on draft. I don’t drink beer but I do love BBQ.

When we got seated we were given the draft list. The list was huge. Something for everyone. Even me, and I don’t drink beer. Iron Pig had 3 ciders on draft. I do enjoy cider. The choices were not the regular Angry Orchard and Strongbow choices. All three were made by companies that I have never heard of before my visit. I of course made my decision on which of the three ciders that I should drink based on the ABV content. I ordered the Lil Green Bartlett by Pariah Brewing Company. It had 6% ABV. It was very tasty and delicious.

As we looked at the menu, my roommate suggested that we share so we can try more. I said heck yes! I love to share food! I didn’t even pay attention to what he ordered, I just said no coleslaw and I told him that I wanted the mac and cheese. The first thing that was ordered with the chips and dips. It came with three dipping sauces: salsa, guacamole, and chili con queso. I liked mixing the queso and salsa together for the perfect combination. The tortilla chips were the thicker kind of tortilla chips so there was no breakage during scooping.

All of the food came out at once. The first thing I went for were the tacos. The dish was called the smoked taco trio. You had the choice of getting the tacos with pulled pork, beef brisket, or smoked chicken. They were served with roasted corn relish, cabbage, cotija cheese, and put on a corn tortilla.

Our tacos were made with pulled pork. I love when pulled pork is made correctly, I actually prefer it over beef when it’s made right. There was so much flavor in these tacos. They were packed with ingredients. Corn is one of my favorite toppings on tacos and the cheese gave it this zest that really hit the spot.

Next I tried the wings. They were really good for BBQ wings but Buffalo wings will always have my heart. The chicken was very tender. You can taste the smokiness in every bite. I really liked the blue cheese dressing it came with too.

Then I saw the BBQ baby back ribs. I took two ribs and put them on my plate. The ribs were considered one of the big plates. This meant that they were served with two sides and Texas toast. The sides that you could choose from were potato salad, slaw, southern greens, slow smoked beans, cheesy smash, handcut fries, or seasonal veggies. I wanted the fries for one of our sides. My roommate chose the cheesy smash. Both were great but I preferred the fries. These fries had just the right amount of salt on them. They were cooked perfectly, not too soggy and not too crispy. Just Right! I didn’t even need to put ketchup on them.

Once I got over how amazing the fries were, I took a bite of the ribs. They were cooked splendidly. The meat just fell right off the bone. I am super picky about BBQ sauce and the sauce complimented the hickory smoke flavor.

One of the girls with us ordered the brisket off the big plates menu. I didn’t get to try it but I wanted to post a photo of how good it looks. The beef was cooked to the color or my liking and it looked super juicy.

I saved the best for last. The item on the menu that I was most excited for…. MAC AND CHEESE. I am obsessed with mac and cheese and from my experiences BBQ joints always have the best mac and cheese.

Iron Pig did not disappoint. The mac and cheese was a very generous portion size. The menu gave you the option to add meat to the dish for a small upcharge but we already ordered enough meat so we didn’t add any to the mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was made with sharp cheddar cheese, smoked gouda cheese, goat cheese, and sprinkled with bread crumbs. Such a perfect combination. Ugh, I want some more.


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