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Food Truck Edition: Strip Chezze

I love food trucks! If I see a food truck, I will pick eating there over a restaurant. They truly fascinate me. How do they have a functioning kitchen on wheels? How can they make such amazing food in such a tiny space? These are things that I think about when I am waiting to order from a food truck.

This year I was helping my uncle by working at his company’s annual Drone Rodeo event. They host the event the day before the CES convention starts in Las Vegas. It’s been a huge hit the past three years. I have helped out the last two years and both times a food truck called Strip Chezze was on site. The Drone Rodeo purchased all the food and drinks served during their event so it is free to everyone who comes out to see it. I love free because it means that I can eat EVERYTHING!!!!!

The temperature that day was in the low 50s. It wasn’t super cold, but the sun wasn’t out and it was raining off and on. I am always cold so that weather meant that I was freezing. I decided to start my day off with a nice hot chocolate.

I ordered one from the truck because I don’t like coffee or tea. When I tasted it, it was not anything like a normal hot chocolate. It was filled with spices that I never tasted in a hot chocolate before. The most prominent spice was cinnamon. It tasted good and kept me warm.

I remembered from last year eating their Daddy’s on a Roll and loved it. This made me want to try a new item. I started out with their Jam on It sandwich. It is a basic grilled cheese with not so basic ingredients. They top it with maple bourbon bacon jam, muenstor cheese, and sliced tomato, all in between two glorious slices cheese crusted sour dough bread. When I say that it was heaven in my mouth, I mean it.

Obviously before I ate the sandwich, I took a million photos of it and myself biting the sandwich. The ladies running the truck saw me doing this and I explained to them what I was doing and how I started What’s RiAn Eating. They were so nice and so helpful. The ladies gave me a few tips on photo shooting. They even followed me back on IG. Be sure to follow them @stripchezzetrucklv

Around lunch time, I started to get hungry again. So many people were ordering Daddy’s on a roll I couldn’t take it anymore. They looked so good and I wanted to eat them again.

Daddy’s on a roll is Strip Chezze’s most popular menu item. It is extra cheesy mac and cheese rolled in a wonton wrapper and then deep fried. If you want to indulge in unhealthy foods, this is going to hit the spot. I couldn’t eat them all and I saved them for the next morning. They tasted even better cold.

After a long day at the Drone Rodeo, Strip Chezze began to pack up. I was sad because it was over and I wanted to order another item, but I was so full and I didn’t want to waste any of their deliciousness. Next year I hope they come back to the Drone Rodeo. I have a few items that I need to try still. FYI… Strip Chezze is a great option for vegetarians. Any menu item can be made vegetarian (not vegan… it is a cheese truck after all). You also have the option to add jalapenos or tomatoes to any item that doesn’t already come with it. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, try to find where their truck is that day. It is definitely worth stopping by.


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