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Pinto Gardens: Modern Thai Cuisine

New York City, more specifically Manhattan, is my favorite place in the entire world. There is no where like New York and I believe that it is the greatest city. I am fortunate enough to have a very close friend who lives in Midtown Manhattan. Whenever I am in the area I stay at her place for a night or two. This holiday season brought her 30th birthday. I made special arrangements to come visit her and make a New Years Eve weekend out of it.

Her boyfriend planned a boozy brunch for all of her friends. It is a known fact that New York is expensive, but it is possible to find affordable and delicious places to eat. In a search for a good brunch spot, her boyfriend came upon Pinto Gardens in Greenwich Village. The prices for entrees were $15-$20 and you can add a unlimited mimosa or Bellini for just $20 more. The way the boozy brunch works is you have to order an entree to get the special for unlimited drinks. Once your boozy brunch starts, you have 90 minutes to drink all the booze that you can. Needless to say, boozy brunches are my favorite brunches.

I was so impressed with the service. We had a party of 12 and none of our drinks were ever empty. Our server Tan was like a magician, most of the time I didn’t even see him refill my glass. I would turn around and it would be full.

After we all ordered, we waited for our food. During that time, Tan took multiple photos of us at the table and even got a few of us cheersing as a group. Tan’s service was impeccable.

Our food came out in a reasonable amount of time considering the group size. I, of course, Google Mapped the restaurant and picked my entree based on other people’s photos. I wound up getting the Thai baked eggs. I was taking a gamble with my choice because I am not a huge fan of eggs or sausage but the picture of the entree was too good not to get. I think I died a little bit when I took my first bite of the eggs. I thought that the white stuff in the metal plate was the egg whites… WRONG! It was melted American Cheese. I was in heaven. The sausage wasn’t like spicy Italian sausage either. It was sweet and flavorful. The bacon was great and it came with two slices of bread that may have been the best bread that I have ever eaten. I love bread and I love dipping bread into sauces. Writing this blog is so difficult because it is making me want to go back and get another order.

My friend ordered the Tom Yum Lobster Congee. I have had Tom Yum soup in Thailand and this is nothing like what I tried. I love the modern twist to the dish. The rice was a little harder than I am used to but I still loved it.

My other friend got the chicken and waffles. This is definitely not a Thai dish, however, the chicken tasted just like the chicken that I got from street vendors in Bangkok. And the waffles were fluffy and sweet. It mixed very well with the spice of the chicken.

I loved my experience at Pinto Gardens. I really want to go back the next time that I am in the city!


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