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Urban Bricks Pizza: The Chipotle of Pizza

Pizza is my number one favorite food in the whole world. I LOVE PIZZA! In my opinion, what really makes the pizza great is the bread and sauce. If you have bad crust, the pizza will not be good. If you have sauce that tastes like ketchup, the pizza will be gross. Eww! When I eat pizza, those are the two things that I am constantly judging. Outside of New Jersey, New York, and Italy, It is very difficult to find good pizza. That does not stop me from eating pizza everywhere I go. I love to try new pizza in different parts of the world. It’s amazing how one food can be different everywhere you go.

My search for good pizza in Corpus Christi, Texas was a struggle. I ate a lot of Domino’s Pizza but I wanted something different. I googled pizza places in the area and Urban Brick’s Pizza came up with good reviews. I wanted brick oven pizza so I grabbed a friend and we tried it out. When we walked in, you walk right up to the counter and you place your order. You can either order a build your own pizza or a pizza from the menu that they have selected. The great part about this place is all pizzas are one price and you can get unlimited toppings on it. Your pizza is totally customizable from the crust, sauce, toppings,and dressings. The best way to describe it is it’s like going to Chipotle but instead of Tex Mex, it is pizza.

They have 3 different crusts to choose from (original, wheat, and gluten free) and 4 different different sauces (tomato sauce, spicy tomato sauce, white sauce, and garlic olive oil). After you pick those, you get to add your cheese, proteins, and veggies. Brick has a large variety of all three. After your pizza come out of the oven, you can add “your drizzle”. They have 13 different dressings to complete youe pizza.

I ordered the margarita pizza and my friend got the build your own. The margarita was not traditional, but it was Brick’s own take on it. I added the balsamic fig dressing to it for extra flavor. My friend made her pizza similar to a supreme pizza but with Ranch and hot sauce on top. It was surprisingly good.

Bricks also sells a few beer bottles and draft options and glasses of wine. I has a glass of wine. The price was reasonable and went well with my pizza. I would like to come back and try the buffalo chicken pizza. Leave a comment below if you have been here and what you thought of your experience.


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