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Take Me to Takeniwa!

In Corpus Christi, Texas, there are very few Japanese restaurants and even fewer good ones. A lot of sushi restaurants that are here are expensive and sub-par. I was serching all over Google maps for a decent Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices. That is when I came upon Takeniwa. I looked at their menu and saw that they have lunch specials Monday – Friday 11:00-2:00. This made my life complete. From then on, I always got the two sushi rolls, soup, and salad for $9.50. This is by far the best sushi in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas.

Today I went to their hibachi for an early dinner with a co-worker. Let me just say, it did not disappoint. Unlike other hibachi restaurants, they do not have a lunch menu available. Their prices, in my opinion, are higher than most, but not out of control. I love the entire hibachi experience and their sake song. Sake, Sake, Sake…. The cooks always make the dinner so much fun!

If you have never been to hibachi, it is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook the food on a grill right in front of you.

They then give you your food as it becomes available. They start you off with soup and salad. The soup is usually clear soup but some places will give you miso soup. I love both, but miso soup goes better with sushi than hibachi. The salad is a small garden salad with ginger dressing. Takeniwa has their own dressing and it is different than any other place that I have tried. It is delicious and sweet, but not very gingery.

The rice comes first, then the meat, and finally a mix of vegetables. Takeniwa has to-die-for fried rice. I’m obsessed. They also give you a shrimp appetizer, which is really just 2 pieces of grilled shrimp. But hey, two pieces are better than zero right?

The cook gives everyone two dipping sauces. One is ginger and the other is the yummy yummy sauce. The ginger sauce is meant for the meat and the yummy yummy sauce is for the vegetables. I am not a fan of the ginger sauce so I always get double yummy yummy. It has that name for a reason. I could drink that sauce it is so good.

For my entree, I ordered the filet mignon steak cooked rare. I love ordering rare steak from hibachi restaurants because they are the only places that actually cook it right.

Out of all the restaurants in Corpus Christi, I have been to Takeniwa the most. I always enjoy my experience there. The staff is so friendly and the food is on point. Whenever someone asks me where to eat in Corpus, I always reccomend Takeniwa. I think it has food options for everyone. You can be veggie or vegan and be able to eat there. There is a kids menu available, and there are also a few options for picky eaters. The food here is the best in the city based on freshness and high quality ingredients. If you are ever in the area, it is worth stopping in. It is a very popular restaurant so if you know ahead of time that you are going to eat here, I would suggest making a reservation.

2 comments on “Take Me to Takeniwa!

  1. Thank you for your review!!! I am Melissa, a server at Takeniwa and we all appreciate it very much!
    You’re AWESOME!
    It’s always great to hear customers enjoy their experience each and every time. We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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  2. Thank you Melissa! I am so happy that you read my blog. I leave Corpus on Saturday but I will try to make it in one last time. Feel free to share my review on any social media 🙂


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