Fuzzy’s Tacos Aren’t Very Fuzzy

I am very high maintenance when it comes to my beauty routine. I have platinum/silverish-blonde hair that needs to get root touch ups every three weeks and I also get my nails done. Each of the above take about three hours to complete. Because I am never in one spot I am always going to new salons. I found a nail salon in Corpus Christi, Texas that looked nice but I arrived before the store opened. Right next door to the nail salon was a restaurant called Fuzzy’s Tacos. Of course I was too lazy to get out of my car and check out the place, so I googled it. Reviews, photos, and the menu came up. It was a typical Tex Mex place that wasn’t as fancy as Chipotle but seemed to be a step above Taco Bell. The photos looked delicious and the prices seemed cheap. I was pretty hungry and I knew how long that I would be in the nail salon so I decided to go in and try it out.

When I walked in, the first thing that you walk up to is the cash register. Next to the register is the bar. The menu is behind the counter like it would be at McDonald’s or Taco Bell but they also have a laminated menu. They have a ton of options. It was really hard to choose but I decided to get on California Heat taco. A California Heat Taco is “grilled or tempure shrimp, bacon, avocado, feta, shredded cheese, pico de gallo, and siracha-lime sauce” ( OMG…… That was all I could say as I ate the taco. I almost cried. It was filled with flavor and freshness. It had the right amount of heath once I added Fuzzy’s own brand of hot sauce called Butt Burnin’ Hot Sauce. I am obsessed with it to say the least.

I knew after eating there that I would be back. The next time that I went back, I took a friend. Fuzzy’s has happy hour Monday to Friday 2PM-7PM and all day happy hour on Saturdays and Sundays. They have frozen drinks and a large selection of liquor and beer to chose from all day, every day.

My friend Christine and I were able to make it 45 minutes before happy hour was over and we drank two margaritas each. They were in smaller cups than the normal priced one but were still tasty. We also ordered the California Heat tacos because I told her how amazing they were.

The next time I went back to Fuzzy’s, I took three people with me. I love sharing food. The more people eating, the more options we have to choose from to share! We started off with chicken nachos and the Chips and Queso. The queso by itself was just ok. I wish that the chips came with a side of salsa because there were so many tortilla chips left over. I want to try the queso with chorizo next time. The nachos were topped with cheese, queso, feta, pico, and garlic sauce. I am not a huge fan of chicken on my nachos but these were so good that I would order them again.

We all ordered our own tacos to try. The California Heat was a big hit with everyone. The guys ordered more nachos and I tried their beef enchilada combo.

My favorite will always be the California Heat taco. It is a must try if you ever make it to a Fuzzy’s location. They are slowly opening up all over the country!


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