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Chick Fil A Has Free Food?

Who doesn't love free food? Read my tips on how to get the most freebies from Chick Fil A.

I love Chick Fil A! I eat there at least once a week. I decided to write about Chick Fil A today because I have realized something amazing…. You can follow individual Chick Fil A stores on Facebook. Most stores have their own pages and sooooo many of them give out free food! All you have to do is follow their page for the details.

I am currently in Corpus Christi, Texas and I started following the CFA on Staples ( They give out free food more days than not. It seems that every Wednesday they like to give out free breakfast. Today they gave out the chicken biscuit sandwich. The buscuits are always warm, fluffy, and buttery. It melts in your hand as you eat it.

Another way to get free food is to download the Chick Fil A One app. The app is set up to give you treats for every so many purchases. When CFA releases a new food item, the app usually gives you a coupon that you can redeem in store for the new item. I recently discovered that individual CFA stores can give out treats for what ever reason, whenever that want. Those treats do not need to be redeemed at the store that sent the treat. I was in Orlando, Florida and I went to the CFA on Irlo Bronson a few times ( Now I keep getting free treats sent to my CFA 1 app by the manager of that CFA.

A treat from the app. #Justbecause.

Be sure to follow your local Chick Fil As and when you are traveling check out CFA’s Facebook before making a purchase. You don’t want to pass up free food offers.


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