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Garlic 1992. It’s All About the Bahts and Buckets

Last February I decided to so a solo trip to Thailand and booked a flight only 12 hours before my plane was supposed to take off. To say it was a trip of a lifetime is an understatement. I eventually met up with a friend and we made our way to Ko Phi Phi.

The island was a lot smaller than I had expected. There were no cars and everything was within walking distance. The streets were filled with different restaurants. Each one having their own specials and different varieties of food. I Googled restaurants to eat at in Ko Phi Phi and Garlic 1992 came up from a travel blogger who recommended it. It was right in the center of town and the prices were pretty cheap. I was ready to go in as soon as I saw that you could get a bucket of strawberry daiquiri for 250 Baht (that’s a little more than $7.00 USD). We decided, why not? And we got a table.

We were greeted by a friendly server who was a local to the island. She gave us menus and a piece of paper with a few common Thai sayings written on it. I immediately ordered the strawberry daiquiri bucket from her. When I got this bucket, you better believe it was a full sized bucket. It wasn’t smaller than other buckets even though that was the cheapest bucket that I had found yet. It was strong and fresh. It was made with real fruit, not just vodka and juices or flat soda like other buckets. I was in heaven. I told them that I would be back for more buckets when we went out later that night.

My friend saw that they had a picture on the wall of a pizza and garlic bread special. We were both craving garlic so we ordered it and asked for extra garlic. They put chopped cloves of garlic on the bread and pizza. It was amazing. It was not garlic powder, it was fresh garlic. We devoured our food and went back to our bungalow to get ready for the night.

A pic of the beautiful sunset that we saw.

Later that night we got buckets from Garlic 1992 again. The restaurant closes early, but they have a small area that they sell buckets out of all night. They were sold in plastic containers for obvious reasons. Im not sure how they got their plastic buckets back considering every bar had those same buckets. We liked the buckets so much that when we would meet new people, we would bring them back to the bucket stand. The worker loved us because we brought so many people over.

Before we left the island, we ate there three more times. Everything we got there was delicious. We got buckets there every night and had a blast in Ko Phi Phi. If you ever visit, you must go to Garlic 1992.

Below are a few more photos of food from there and people we met while drinking our buckets 🙂

Green curry chicken with white rice.

Spring rolls

Two besties having the time of our lives.


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